Do not use our branding to impersonate or misrepresent us. When in doubt about whether you can use our branding, contact us for approval.

How is 'Adelheid' pronounced?

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a·del·heid /ˈædəlhaɪd/

Permitted Logos


Adelheid Software Logo
Adelheid Software Logo with Wordmark


Mark (Light)
Mark (Dark)

Mark with Wordmark

Mark (Light)
Mark (Dark)


Adelheid Software Banner


We use the Protest Strike typeface for our logo/wordmark.
For our website text and headings, we are currently using Noto Sans.

For the logo & mark, we use Protest Strike at a font size of 96 points.
For the banner, we use Protest Strike at a font size of 144 points.

Spacing & Corner Radius

The logo, or logo with wordmark together, should be centered in the image.

We use a corner radius of 24 pixels for our logos.




CMYK 0, 20, 32, 26



CMYK 0, 2, 0, 0



CMYK 0, 2, 4, 87

Primary (Light)


CMYK 0, 30, 55, 41

Primary (Dark)


CMYK 0, 29, 46, 0

Accent (Light)


CMYK 0, 52, 49, 31

Accent (Dark)


CMYK 0, 22, 68, 4


Do these things

  • Use a permitted Adelheid Software logo to link to Adelheid Software.
  • Use the Adelheid Software mark as a social button to link back to Adelheid Software.
  • Use a permitted Adelheid Software logo to inform others that your project integrates with one of our projects.
  • Use a permitted Adelheid Software logo in a blog post or news article about Adelheid Software.

Don't do these things

  • Do not use the Adelheid Software name or any Adelheid Software logo in a way that suggests you are Adelheid Software, your offering or project is by Adelheid Software, or that Adelheid Software is endorsing you or your offering or project.
  • Do not use any Adelheid Software logo as the icon or logo for your business/organization, offering, project, domain name, social media account, or website.
  • Do not modify the permitted Adelheid Software logos, including changing the color, dimensions, or combining with other words or design elements.
  • Do not use Adelheid Software logos or artwork without Adelheid Software's prior written permission.


You should use the logo when it is the main element in your design. If the design requires a longer width than height, then opt for the banner instead.

Wordmark: In most cases, the wordmark should be included in the logo. The logo should only exclude the wordmark if the context already establishes the brand and makes clear that you are talking about Adelheid Software.


Use our mark when the brand has already been clearly established on the page or in the design. It is also acceptable to use the mark to link to our website where appropriate.

Please do not place our mark on heavily textured or complex backgrounds.

Wordmark: In some rare contexts, it may be appropriate to use the mark with the wordmark placed below it. When using it as a hyperlink, please omit the wordmark.


The banner largely serves the same purpose as the Adelheid Software logo, but is used in situations where the logo will not work well, and where a banner makes more sense.

Wordmark: The wordmark should never be omitted from the banner.


You can contact us for direct access to our branding.

A self-serve download button will come at a later date.