Last modified: June 17, 2024

These are the tools we use for the things we create. We tend to keep up-to-date with the latest stable version of each of the tools listed below.

General Tooling

Version Control

We use git (via GitHub) for all of our version control needs.

Project Management

We use GitHub Projects for managing all of our projects. This includes issue tracking, bug reporting, managing deadlines, delegating tasks, and so on.

Productivity & Collaboration

We use Google Workspace for file management, managing external contacts, creating internal documentation, and other internal business-related needs.

We use Discord for internal day-to-day communication.

Game Tooling


We use the Godot Game Engine for all of our games.

Programming Languages

We use GDScript and C# for our games.

Our first game, Postbound!, was programmed entirely in GDScript.


Game & Concept Art: Krita

Pixel Art: Aseprite

Vector Graphics: Inkscape


We use FL Studio for creating our music and sound effects.

Website Tooling

Domain Registrar

We currently use Cloudflare Registrar for registering and managing domains.

Web Hosting

We currently host our website on Cloudflare Pages. We also use Cloudflare DNS.

Programming Languages

For our Astro website, we utilize a component-based architecture and write our components entirely in HTML, TypeScript, and CSS, with some Markdown-based components for simpler pages.


We use Visual Studio Code for maintaining and editing our website.


We write all of our blog posts directly inside of Visual Studio Code using Markdown.