Framework: Godot Engine
Status: Active Development
Team Size: 3
Release date: July 22, 2024
Genre: Arcade, Casual
Store page: Steam Page (Wishlist today!)


Postbound! is an arcade-style mail sorting game following your journey as a novice postal worker. In this casual, light-hearted, and family-friendly game filled with humor, you must correctly sort mail into the appropriate boxes before time runs out! The postmaster is there to help, at least when he's not sleeping. The post inspector comes by regularly to ensure you're doing your job, so don't get caught slacking!


In the singleplayer campaign, you traverse a 7-day journey as a novice postal worker, getting to know various characters along the way and helping them get the mail delivered on time.


  • Seven story-filled days of varying lengths, between 5-10 minutes each.
  • High Score Mode: Get as high of a score as possible in a set amount of time!
  • Time Attack Mode: Get a set amount of score in as little time as possible!
  • Endless Mode: Keep the fun times rolling! Get as high of a score as you possibly can!